The Importance of Fathers

Fathers offer a powerful presence. If it had not been for fathers, there would not be children. Adam was the first that was created and he was created by God. . Not to say that mothers are not important, but we all know that fathers bear the seed. Many times, society paints a picture of fathers as absent, abusive, and uncommitted. Perception is quite powerful, and it tends to shape our reality if we allow it.

Adam was the first father, Abraham was the father of many nations, and God is our Holy Father.

In the Lord’s Prayer the first line states “Our Father”. We need not focus on the world’s perception of the lack of fatherly influences, the lack of fatherly examples, or the lack of fatherly commitment.   Father’s Day is highly important.  As we remember and honor our earthly fathers, let us commit to draw closer to our Heavenly Father.

Yes, perception is powerful. I choose not to perceive as the world that many fathers are absent or uncommitted; however, I perceive fatherhood as a gift. That gift contains a position of influence. Always remember,  despite our earthly experiences, we will always have a Heavenly Father to depend on.

Happy Father’s Day.


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