New Love-New Season

Wedding Day!! Cake was great!!
First date, July 25, 2016
Thanksgiving 2016

Well it is difficult to belief but on January 22nd, 2017 I was married!! I don’t know how things happened so swiftly but I somehow think Scott’s prayers had a part in this occurrence.  His name is Mike and he and I went to high school together.  One day out of the blue, I messaged his brother on Facebook asking about him. Eventually, we got together and went on our first date July 25th, 2016. This was exactly one year after Scott passed away. Our relationship has been going full speed ever since we met. He too is my best friend and we have great times together. God has opened many doors for us that is amazing to me. He is a counselor and minister–Yes, Scott was too. He is loving and fun. Many times in living with him, I see so many similarities as to Scott–especially how he loves me!! No I am not trying to replace Scott with Mike because they are soo different, but I am enjoying this season just as much as I enjoyed the season with Scott.

I remember, right after Scott’s transition, I would thank God every day for allowing me to minister to His man of God. I was grateful to God for the opportunities he gave me to serve Scott–even through his sickness. I found a greater appreciation for life and a greater hope for future. I had accepted that Scott was gone and I would possibly be without a husband for the the rest of my life. Then I prayed and asked God for another opportunity at love, and God gave it to me and I am ever so grateful. I believe the key to getting our prayers answered with our hearts desires is to be grateful and thankful for how things are at the moment.  Yes I did miss Scott and was sad because he died and left me alone but I never ceased from being grateful for having that opportunity to live with him and enjoy him for 14 years of his life. I still think of Scott today but they are thoughts of love and appreciation. I realize God had an appointed time for him to transition to heaven and for me to start anew with Mike. I believe if you are God’s child, you cannot stop His plan for your life. As you submit to God, it will be revealed that God”s ways will, in the long run, be better than yours. In the mist of grief, we sometimes don’t see it, but just keep living and when you occasionally look back, you will see that everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be at that moment in time.

Yes, I have a second chance at love!! I appreciate the journey and embrace my new season!!