My Conference Experience at Niagara Falls!!

Recently,  I had an opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls, New York for the 15th Annual Open Education Conference. From the beginning of the trip, it was just perfect! The flight was smooth and the weather was splendid.  We arrived at the hotel on Tuesday and explored the area.  My husband and I toured the park, the casino, and the Falls.

The first day of the conference began with a dynamic keynote address given by Jess Mitchell.  Jess  had a slide presentation and her theme was that we should always be willing to stand up. She spoke concerning a different view not merely of  just success, but of what we are willing to fail in. She shared some really insightful stories about history, change, and equity. She spoke of the struggles of minorities and their  success despite that struggle. At the end of her speech,  I felt empowered and I also felt responsible to carry the message of change and to speak up if I see something that shows prejudice or bias.

After the keynote address, we completed an activity where we experienced speed networking. We changed tables several times and learned something about each of the participants at the tables. I found that most of my tables consisted of people that worked in the library. Some were faculty in an institution that promoted the use of OERs.

The first session I attended related to program strategies for Texas Community Colleges, and I also attended closing the gap with all OER’s along with several other sessions.

Here are a few takeaways that I want to share from the conference.

  • Sparc- Open Ed  leadership program

  • It is proven that textbook costs causes great barriers to success

  • Who can you allow not to succeed? (from keynote)

  • Federal and local monies are available to explore OERs.

  • The Trump Administration supports Business /Career/Apprenticeship

  • Kutura videos in courses-

  • Open web annotation -It is more than just highlighting in yellow.

  • Openstax- Completely free online printable textbooks

  • Ed Ready-Free resource that will ensure students are ready for college Math/English courses-Many engaging videos within this website

  • Annotations can contain highlighting, video, and real time collaboration-

I really appreciate the opportunity that Houston Community College gave me to attend this conference and I look forward to using OER resources in my classes.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!






I Am My Husband’s Rib!

Genesis 2-21-23  So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. While the man slept, the LORD God took out one of the man’s ribs and closed up the opening. Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to the man.“At last!” the man exclaimed.“This one is bone from my bone, and flesh from my flesh! She will be called ‘woman,’ because she was taken from ‘man.’”

After Scott passed away, I was alone and because I enjoyed marriage, I desired to start a life with another husband. I was 59 years old and I realized that for all practical reasons, most of my life was behind me. I enjoyed the marriage I had with Scott and it was my prayer that God send me someone else to be my husband. Today, a year later, I feel I have found not only my husband but that my husband has found his rib. Each marriage has a uniqueness that I dare not to compare; however, each of my  successful marriages had a common  main component needed in every marriage and that is God’s love. The love of God that lives in our husbands is powerful, meaningful, and wonderful. I know that I am my husband’s rib because service is a very important part of our relationship. Not how he can serve me but how I can serve him. Here are some points I would like for you to ponder:

  • His “rib” in me enables me to always desires the best for my husband at all times. If he is stressed about anything, I will pray for him and encourage him that everything will be alright.
  • You know when you are your husband’s rib when he is your favorite teacher and human role model. You find yourself getting the best advice from him and remembering that advice in times of conflict and confusion that we all experience in the world.
  • You know you are your husband’s rib when you are physically attracted to him in all stages of life. Even as he grows old and gray, with or without teeth, he is the most handsome man in your eyes because you are his “rib”.

They say marriage is challenging and tough, with ups and downs but I believe if you are married to your “rib” things may be tough and challenging but they will not feel that way because your husband is always praying for his “rib” and that brings peace to the marriage. This  is the same peace that is so misunderstood by the world.

Many of you want to be connected to the carrier of your “rib” and the way to connect to that person is quite simple. The first step is to ask God for the connection and the second and most important step is to believe that your husband is accessible despite what the world may say. The final step is to accept him as a gift from God regardless of the human package he may be in.  Once this happens, you will know your husband as you know yourself because when you know yourself, you will recognize the rib that is within him as you!!

Clarity of Purpose

What is clarity of purpose? How do we get clarity of purpose? Clarity of purpose tells us who we are, who’s we are, where are we going, how we are going to get there, and sometimes we will even understand why. Before we are to get clarity in our purpose we must first ask for it.  God speaks to us each day, but we only can hear him with open ears.

Scripture says in Proverbs 3-5-7 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths”

For us to hear God, we must acknowledge God.  And for us to acknowledge God,  we must trust God. Trusting God means knowing that despite what we see, all is well. What we see is temporary.  God is always before us seeing things in the spirit where  many times we only see things through fleshly eyes.

Many of us wear our glasses and without those glasses, we have a difficult time seeing the things that are right in front of us. By trusting God, He can change and prescribe a lens  that when we look through that lens we see clearly !!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”

We must realize that our understanding is so limited. Our understand is many times mixed with emotions, feelings, circumstances and life struggles. As we trust God to be with us, he will speak to us thereby solving our most crucial dilemmas.  Trusting God gives us the assurance that all is well despite circumstances.

Once we have clarity of purpose we will see things unfold just as God planned and not as we planned it and what God plans is so much better than what we plan!

It is never wise to lean on our understanding. Who are we to understand anything! Do we try to understand the clouds in the air, why the wind blows, the seasons, where we’re going, and when we will get there– trust means that in ALL things we are guided by God.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths”

Clarity of purpose comes with an acknowledgement  of God. We  acknowledge God by  seeking  Him, obeying Him, and hearing Him! Understanding comes when we realize that we don’t have the power to straighten our lives! God is the only one to make straight our paths only as we turn our lives over to him.

Do we really desire clarity of purpose?  Are we seeking purpose by reading God’s word while praying and meditating on it? Think about it and never cease to reflect on the fact that whatever’s going on in our life it is working out for our good!

Year One Reflection #2

Scott came to my job from his job in Houston about 40 miles to bring me candy and flowers for Valentines Day. When he arrived, he met students in the hallway who were selling  ” singing valentines” and they brought him to my room. . He came in my class just at the right time. The kids were not rowdy. thank God, and it was the end of the class. I just love how they sung the song. I created this video shortly afterwards. One of my best memories.

Remember, don’t be sad for me. Today I have peace and a grateful attitude. Looking forward to the new season ahead of me and merely glancing back at the memories to say “Thank You”

Reflections on Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!
Many of us have various feeling about this day. For some it is quite painful either because we wanted children but remained childless, we have children that have gone astray, we have lost our mothers to death, or we did not ever develop the relationship with our mother that we so much desired. Whatever the case, we still hold the power to make this a great day. Sadness, loss, depression and desperation visits all of us from time to time. We are the only ones who can refrain that emotion into that of joy. No, it is not easy but it is possible as we commune with God who gives us power to overcome anything.
Today, I was thinking about my husband Scott. How wonderful he was and about all the things we did during our 14 years of marriage. After reflecting on it for a while, I began to get a bit sad and I asked God,” I don’t want to forget him but I don’t want to be sad either” and He put this quote in my spirit–“look backwards only to testify about Gods grace and goodness–look forward to dream and watch them being fulfilled. ” Yes, it is OK to reflect as long as there is purpose, witness, and hope given to others concerning life situations–but God desires us to experience “Life to the Full-(John 10:10)–Go ahead and reflect on the Memories of Mother but don’t forget to dream and experience the future God has for you!

Drops of Grief

Today I am experiencing my grief as drops –A teardrop, A drop of memories, and a Drop of smiles. Thus far This has been a Joyous new season and I am coming into it with excitement and anticipation; however I am experiencing The loss of the previous season and that is OK. I realize grief is a process and no matter how strong I may feel today I know there will be moments but I welcome them. I feel it’s OK to cry, to miss Scott and to desire to experience the season all over again and again and again!! But the essence of my being knows that it will not happen in that manner. It was never designed to happen that way. Our existence is designed to experience life and to use each life experience to bring others closer to the Spirit of God. Is all about your life’s testimony–it’s all about how you can reach out and help others find healing where there is pain –find hope where there is no hope —
and find joy in the midst of sadness. I know this is the path I am on today. And had I not experienced all of the ups and downs of the life I had with Scott, I would have not known how to testify to others. Yes I’m learning to appreciate those little Drops of grief because I know they will pass and result in yet another testimony.

It’s Time For Joy!



Last night I was looking on Facebook and found this picture and I know I laughed out loud for at least 10 minutes. Laughing is so comforting and powerful in my life. I never thought despite my circumstances that I could ever laugh again. After Scott passed away, I asked God Would I ever experience happiness again? Would I ever have fun again? God has answered that prayer for me. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is my strength. I guess that means that to be happy with God you can be strong. Our happiness with God makes me stronger in other areas of my life. Today I found a journal that I’ve written 20 years ago. I was amazed at my thinking at that time. A lot has changed in 20 years but my core appears to be the same. I’ve always loved God and desired direction from him. I have always loved people and wanted to find a way to help. I’ve always appreciated a good relationship and I see how God answered my prayer for 2 years later I met Scott. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I did!

Beauty For Ashes

Today is Thanksgiving and for many of us it can tend to be difficult to see the blessings. There’s always blessings behind the pain!! Whatever situation you’re in that situation can be worse. Even though it’s difficult to see the the light in the darkness of a situation we must be assured that the light is still there. Each night I come to God thanking him for the 14 years that I shared with my husband. I have so much gratitude it is sometimes difficult to be sad. For me gratitude and Thanksgiving transcends sadness. Today I am thankful for the family that I have here I am thankful for an opportunity to enter into a new season of life I am thankful that God will be with me each step of the way as I walk in this new season. I trust God that this season Will contain joy fulfillment and grace!Thank you God for giving me beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61-3)

Lord Help Me Do This Right

I recently returned from San Antonio  Texas where I attended a Joyce Meyer conference. There was so many takeaways from my experiences this weekend but I would like to share one at this time. She told  a story of a pastor who lost his wife to cancer. They were married a number of years so the whole experience will be a trying one for him. She shared that he prayed two things. He prayed to God to help him ” do this right” and he prayed that he will not ask why. This was very powerful for me because I have recently lost my husband to cancer so I can really relate to his request. I know sometimes the pain in our lives happen for a reason. Our lives are but lamps for others.  I believe we were chosen  to remain here as a testimony to others that there is joy in the midst of sadness and you can actually find peace in the midst of a storm. Remember God has given us the ability to go through the storm. And once we are on the other side of the storm,  it is our responsibility to reach back and pull others to the other side also. Yes” Lord help me do this right”