About Me

I am a christian woman who has experienced a wide variety of situations such as divorce,  an amazing marriage of 14 years to a wonderful God fearing minister of God, the death of that man, and remarriage to another wonderful man at age 58. . In  sharing my journey of transitions of life, it is my hope to encourage you that no matter your situation, you are constantly going through a transition before the ultimate transition of entering a new home though death. . I don’t think anyone dies, they merely transition to another life or existence. My story starts with the details of my second marriage to Luther Ray Scott. This marriage taught me how to serve. From there, follow me and my relationships,  hope and inspiration along with motivational short stories to help bring clarity to your life and situation. Yes transitions do come!! They are a part of this journey called life. I encourage you to experience the journey that includes ups and downs as a gift from God!!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yolanda

    Omg! I’m reading your blog talking about God and trusting Him…it is so inspirational…I love it…I look forward reading more…Thank you

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