Love on Purpose

Today is Love day- most of us call it Valentines. Many people nowadays complain about Valentine’s Day. You may have heard it said it is too commercialized or it’s all about money not love or why can’t we love every day.
For some Valentine’s Day is stressful because they did not get the candy or flowers they expected from the person they love or they don’t have a person to get them candy or flowers. Today I believe that love and contentment is a choice. Many times in life we find ourselves chasing after contentment or love . Have you ever noticed a dog chasing its tail? What do you think will happen if he finally caught up with it? When we are discontent because of struggles in life we are wasting valuable time that we could be using in thanksgiving to God. We all have struggles and life challenges and I have decided to wake up each morning and be happy and content on purpose!!. Now I am not going to say it is easy because my life is not perfect. There are some things that I would like to be changed in my life but I realize complaining about it and stressing over it will not change it! It says in the word that the joy of the Lord is my strength. I believe as we experience joy which I define as “Peace despite circumstances”- we will have a greater appreciation when the problem is worked out and have more of an awareness that despite the negative energy we may have given to it , it work out the way God planned it!
I love Valentine’s Day and my decision is to love Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday –. Simply because God blessed me to experience it! I need only to ask him what I can do to help others find peace and love through Him!!


The 12 Roses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I am reflecting on my love experience. Most times I find myself being more grateful as to having experienced love then being more sad at having it to end.
I was thinking this would be my first year not getting a Valentine card from Scott. Last week I looked through my old cards and I found only one and that one I don’t remember getting and it was not signed. This one was so special because On the outside pouch was 12 cards representing a rose for 12 days. I have never seen a card like that and I really enjoy reading the message that each card has on it. It is merely one word but the word is beautiful and it is what He (God) – (I feel whatever experiences I have now that comes from Scott-comes through God) would have me reflect on. My rose this morning was understanding. In our personal and spiritual relationships we must seek understanding. God will always reveal to us the proper amount of understanding in our personal situation and we must seek to both understand and to be understood. I can truthfully say my life is still filled with ups and downs but that is the way of life!

About a month before Scott passed away, he told me he had the Love of God, Faith in God and the Peace of God. As I reflect on that day, he felt blessed despite his situation. Unfortunately, there were still weeks ahead of pain and all that cancer tries to snatch from us. I believe Peace and Faith is all that can carry us through when experiencing our lowest point. I really feel the reward on the other side will far outweigh the pain in this side for each of us.
I understand now that God is ordering my steps and as Scott use to say all the time everything happens in God’s time and for God’s purpose!