My Conference Experience at Niagara Falls!!

Recently,  I had an opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls, New York for the 15th Annual Open Education Conference. From the beginning of the trip, it was just perfect! The flight was smooth and the weather was splendid.  We arrived at the hotel on Tuesday and explored the area.  My husband and I toured the park, the casino, and the Falls.

The first day of the conference began with a dynamic keynote address given by Jess Mitchell.  Jess  had a slide presentation and her theme was that we should always be willing to stand up. She spoke concerning a different view not merely of  just success, but of what we are willing to fail in. She shared some really insightful stories about history, change, and equity. She spoke of the struggles of minorities and their  success despite that struggle. At the end of her speech,  I felt empowered and I also felt responsible to carry the message of change and to speak up if I see something that shows prejudice or bias.

After the keynote address, we completed an activity where we experienced speed networking. We changed tables several times and learned something about each of the participants at the tables. I found that most of my tables consisted of people that worked in the library. Some were faculty in an institution that promoted the use of OERs.

The first session I attended related to program strategies for Texas Community Colleges, and I also attended closing the gap with all OER’s along with several other sessions.

Here are a few takeaways that I want to share from the conference.

  • Sparc- Open Ed  leadership program

  • It is proven that textbook costs causes great barriers to success

  • Who can you allow not to succeed? (from keynote)

  • Federal and local monies are available to explore OERs.

  • The Trump Administration supports Business /Career/Apprenticeship

  • Kutura videos in courses-

  • Open web annotation -It is more than just highlighting in yellow.

  • Openstax- Completely free online printable textbooks

  • Ed Ready-Free resource that will ensure students are ready for college Math/English courses-Many engaging videos within this website

  • Annotations can contain highlighting, video, and real time collaboration-

I really appreciate the opportunity that Houston Community College gave me to attend this conference and I look forward to using OER resources in my classes.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!





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