My Journey Podcast

A few months ago, I was asked to share my journey through grief and loss with a podcast sponsored by Colon Cancer Alliance. It was an honor to preserve Scott’s memory online. I believe my journey is purposeful and I believe I am used by God to fulfill purpose. As we travel the journey of life we must look to each situation as if it was “school”. reflecting on  what am I learning today and how can I use the experience to help others.

Fill free to share!

My Journey

A Special Date

November 17th  would have been Scott’s birthday. As I reflect on the past year and a half that he has been gone I can see God has done amazing things in my life. I am able to move forward in another relationship that is quite fulfilling however there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Scott. The time we were together was amazing. I am sure that God placed us together for that season and I realize that there is no season that does not end.

Yes I am human and sometimes I wonder why so much sickness -why so much pain-Then I am reminded that life for all of us consists of things we don’t understand and experiences we don’t like however when we are grateful for the experiences we do like and place all the other experiences in God’s hands it makes for smooth sailing in life. Yes I do miss Scott but I do understand that the transition was needed to move me forward to the next level. I know Scott is in a much better place with no pain and suffering. He is at home with the Lord and today I am OK with that.