Moving Forward

As I get my luggage out to pack for my week of training next week, I come across some memories of when I was caring for Scott before he passed on July 28,2015. Memories over flood me and I become a bit teary-eyed amid my reflections. One thing I know about Scott was that he loved me very much. Even through his sickness he showed much love, patience and strength. He had a relationship with God like none other. He was strong in his belief and he never complained about his circumstance. I loved having the opportunity to take care of him. To take him to the doctor, to make the appointments, to just do everything I could to make sure he was comfortable. I know in my heart that was what my purpose was at that time. And I am so grateful to have been chosen for that purpose.

Today,  I am starting a new season with new goals and new purpose. I will always have a place for Scott in my heart and I am grateful to God to be able to love again. The person in my life now loves me and it feels so good to be truly loved again. It is my prayer to continue to walk in God’s purpose and to do his will as I travel this winding road of life.img_3045

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