Grateful! I am ever so grateful today!  Grateful for what I’ve been through where I am now and grateful for where I am going. God has given me a vision and the ability to take a sneak peek into what he has in store for me. The things God has for us is more than we imagine but those things will manifest  in the spiritual ream before appearing in the physical. The past season has taught me many things. It’s taught me love, patience, how to be connected spiritually to another, the joy of life and living, and the depth of prayer.  This season is all about an attitude of gratitude and the power of faith. Yes faith brings into existence what you were dreaming and faith can be the evidence of powerful actions or events to come. When faith is fully ignited,  challenges and uncertainty will appear and that is expected.  Because without challenges,  we would not recognize the miracles.

Yes my past season was great however this season is powerful. In this season I see through the eyes of faith and choose to experience the divine will of God.

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