Year One-Reflection

A year ago today Scott was getting out of the hospital and going to a rehab center. They had told him at the hospital that there was nothing they could do about his condition. We did not accept that so I got him in a rehab center believing that he would get stronger so he could have the surgery he needed to recover. I remember his therapist Jason would come get him and take him to do his therapy.
He was so frail but he still tried so hard. I remember watching him go through the therapy and a few times he was able to take steps of course with the assistance of the rail and Jason. I was so proud. I remember once he was telling one of the therapist how I was pushing him too hard and I needed to back off. Which I did. He was there for about two weeks before I finally accepted that he may need to go into hospice care. I remember when the hospice nurse and I came to speak to him and he told me to leave the room so he could speak to the nurse alone. She stayed in there with him for about 30 minutes explaining the process and answering his questions. When she came out of the room to speak to me she shared with me that he said to her ” does she really need to know what was going on?” He was trying to protect me. I told him that I knew what was going on and my strength came from all the prayers that he prayed for our peace. Then he said something that I thought was really sweet. He said “Renee you really surprise me”
I will never forget those two weeks in rehab. He was unable to do anything for himself but when the nurse aide would change the bed and clean him up he would give his favorite nurse aide a “high five “-raising hands and touching as if to say “you did good !
I remember one day A lady was in the room cleaning and I walked in and as usual I greeted him and said cheerfully “hey baby “. He immediately looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said in a whisper because at this time he did not have a lot of strength, “Renee you did not speak to her?’ at that point I smiled and said hello to the lady cleaning the room. Scott always considered others and I learned a lot from him during the time we had together.
He was my teacher, my companion, my spiritual advisor, my husband, and friend .
If he was here right now and speaking to us at this moment he would say do not be sad for he has completed his journey and is experiencing life with the Father!


One thought on “Year One-Reflection

  1. Juanita Wooley

    What a blessing to have such memories of a life well lived, no regrets.
    God has given you that peace the Bible speaks about.
    Praise God!

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