The Blind Date

Today was my first blind date. We had conversation and lunch that lasted from 11 AM to 4 PM. I was not even thinking about how or what it would lead to until three hours into the encounter he said that I would be placed on the friends because I was not “obedient” enough in that I did not allow him to take the lead . You see I made a decision about whether to sit in the wheel chair or the chair in the restaurant .
He indicated it was ok about switching chairs since I did not want to do it initially . But I changed the seat because I recognized it was a better choice. Because he said it was ok and I decided to move anyway .. I guess that was not obeying. Strange … Another example is that he wanted me to wait in front of the store while he went to his vehicle to pick me up. I told him I would rather row through the parking lot with him because I like wheeling around and getting exercise with my arms. I rolled quite a distance to the vehicle and he never offered to push me. That was ok and we still had good conversation but I found out that was another way I did not follow his lead .

So after three hours he told me I was on his friends list because he wants a women to follow his lead. But for me I knew he was on my friends list after 30 minutes. Let me tell you how I knew.
1. When he saw me he did not reference my appearance by saying I looked nice
( I know I looked nice– I will attach a pic)
2. We sat in Barnes & Noble for two hours right in front of the café and he never asked me if I wanted anything to drink
3. He talk more about himself and did not appear to be interested in learning anything about me
4. He did not offer to pay for my meal.

To be honest I enjoyed the experience and I would not change anything. If he calls, I will talk with him because of course I am on his friends list. 😀Really, I do consider anyone a friend that respects me and can share conversation even when we disagree. I probably won’t bore you with the details of all my dates but it did indeed serve as a distraction from thinking about Scott. I know his spirit was with me all the way. I do understand that I will never find anyone that will live up to the way I was treated by Scott … But I don’t think it too much to expect a genuine compliment and an offer of a glass of water. I’m just saying😀

IMG_2414 (2)


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