I Want to be Free!

Well it is coming up to one year since Scott’s transition and I can honestly say my sadness comes more now than before . I am getting lonely and talking to a guy for companionship and this is soo scary to me. Before I met Scott I was lonely and really desperate for love. Would have never dream it would work out that we grew as lovers and friends . Funny, we never know the end from the beginning. And if we could see the end , we would not have to exercise faith and we probably would not grow. Today I asked God to make me free.
Free from wondering if there is a relationship on the horizon. Free from the desire to talk with someone of the opposite sex and they tell me I am beautiful … Free to just accept the men God puts in my life with no expectation and no comparisons .. Free to accept intimacy without guilt. God today I just want to be free!! As I pin these words I feel and see the chains of bondage release me to walk in the sunlight of the spirit!!


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