Reflections on Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!
Many of us have various feeling about this day. For some it is quite painful either because we wanted children but remained childless, we have children that have gone astray, we have lost our mothers to death, or we did not ever develop the relationship with our mother that we so much desired. Whatever the case, we still hold the power to make this a great day. Sadness, loss, depression and desperation visits all of us from time to time. We are the only ones who can refrain that emotion into that of joy. No, it is not easy but it is possible as we commune with God who gives us power to overcome anything.
Today, I was thinking about my husband Scott. How wonderful he was and about all the things we did during our 14 years of marriage. After reflecting on it for a while, I began to get a bit sad and I asked God,” I don’t want to forget him but I don’t want to be sad either” and He put this quote in my spirit–“look backwards only to testify about Gods grace and goodness–look forward to dream and watch them being fulfilled. ” Yes, it is OK to reflect as long as there is purpose, witness, and hope given to others concerning life situations–but God desires us to experience “Life to the Full-(John 10:10)–Go ahead and reflect on the Memories of Mother but don’t forget to dream and experience the future God has for you!

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