Drops of Grief

Today I am experiencing my grief as drops –A teardrop, A drop of memories, and a Drop of smiles. Thus far This has been a Joyous new season and I am coming into it with excitement and anticipation; however I am experiencing The loss of the previous season and that is OK. I realize grief is a process and no matter how strong I may feel today I know there will be moments but I welcome them. I feel it’s OK to cry, to miss Scott and to desire to experience the season all over again and again and again!! But the essence of my being knows that it will not happen in that manner. It was never designed to happen that way. Our existence is designed to experience life and to use each life experience to bring others closer to the Spirit of God. Is all about your life’s testimony–it’s all about how you can reach out and help others find healing where there is pain –find hope where there is no hope —
and find joy in the midst of sadness. I know this is the path I am on today. And had I not experienced all of the ups and downs of the life I had with Scott, I would have not known how to testify to others. Yes I’m learning to appreciate those little Drops of grief because I know they will pass and result in yet another testimony.


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