Lord Help Me Do This Right

I recently returned from San Antonio  Texas where I attended a Joyce Meyer conference. There was so many takeaways from my experiences this weekend but I would like to share one at this time. She told  a story of a pastor who lost his wife to cancer. They were married a number of years so the whole experience will be a trying one for him. She shared that he prayed two things. He prayed to God to help him ” do this right” and he prayed that he will not ask why. This was very powerful for me because I have recently lost my husband to cancer so I can really relate to his request. I know sometimes the pain in our lives happen for a reason. Our lives are but lamps for others.  I believe we were chosen  to remain here as a testimony to others that there is joy in the midst of sadness and you can actually find peace in the midst of a storm. Remember God has given us the ability to go through the storm. And once we are on the other side of the storm,  it is our responsibility to reach back and pull others to the other side also. Yes” Lord help me do this right”


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