The Tender Kiss

Today I am reflecting on special moments my husband and I experienced.  I am not feeling sad because I can’t actually feel him within me like I did when he was on the earth. It is like he is in a far  away place. I am grateful to have the memories,  the pictures, and the spiritual notes  in order for me to recapture some of the special moments.  I would like to share one very special moment if I may.

Ever so often Scott would come in the den where I am working on the computer and kiss me on the neck. I never paid close attention to it because I was so busy doing what I was doing on the computer.  He would not stay very long just for a moment to give me some affection.

Now that I think about it now, it was such a sweet, unique and loving thing that he thought enough to stop what he was doing just for a moment to come in to me with a kiss on the neck. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he should come back here from heaven. He is at so much peace now and so much better off. But if I get an opportunity just to re- live and experience that feeling again from his spirit, that’s good enough for me.


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