The Beginning- My Journey in Grief

As most of you know my husband passed away July 28. I have been led to post occasional updates to let you know how I’m dealing with this loss. Many times I have various emotions. Sometimes I feel grateful he did not suffer long but at the same time I miss him and his sweet lovely ways. I’ve been praying for wisdom and peace and God has given it to me. I know our relationship was rare and strong also I know it was God’s gift to me. God answered my prayer for a husband. He gave us 14 wonderful years now it’s time for me to move on with the next chapter of my life. I feel everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. (my husband would always say that ) And many times that reason is to help others.

I had a good week at school. The kids are not as focused as I would like but I pray for them often. Sometimes it is not about the curriculum I am teaching but about understanding they have lots of issues and pains going on. I had a child that was somewhat distracted in my classroom they got really angry when I wanted him to sign the paper that would document his behavior. Normally he is quite quiet and when I took him outside the room I found out that he had been bullied by a boy that was previously his best friend. He was so hurt. He sobbed and sob and I encouraged him and soon he appeared to be better. (this occurred at the end of the day ) The situation had been addressed earlier with the principal but he was still carrying it in his heart. I was lead in my heart after school to contact his parents to let them know. They had no idea and greatly appreciated the fact I let them know. They knew something was wrong when he got home but he would not share with them what happened. I felt used today by God to intervene in the situation where someone was in pain. I encourage you despite the pain you maybe feeling, is there someone around that you could intervene and encourage to help them feel better. I feel this is our purpose in life. Go make someone’s day today!


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