My Reflection

Took some time tonight to listen to Scott talk on some recordings I had on my phone. Just remembering the special times that we had and also remembering the struggle he had with his illness. He was always so positive trying to feel better but gradually he got weaker. I just loved caring for him. I loved taking him to the doctor I loved to research everything trying to find out something that can help him feel better. Don’t really know why I am sharing this right now but if you have someone you caring for do it with joy!! Their journey is so hard and they struggle so much to feel better. Give them everything they need. I hope what I said tonight made a little sense. If you happen to be struggling with this illness alone be good to yourself. God is your comfort.


2 thoughts on “My Reflection

  1. Leann Rouleau

    When I was going through my illness, I didn’t want to bother anyone with it, including my husband and teen childrenn. As chemo’s intensity fought my cancer with a vengeance, My body in one way or another would scream out with rejection, I had all sorts of problems presenting themselves like a nasty surprise party over and over. It was during those moments when I needed people the most and wanted to “bother” them. I had set myself up for failure. God showed me my biggest weakness and biggest flaw. I was selfish with letting others help me all because I had let myself dicatate and believe that I was not worthy for anyone to help me. Now I know better and ask God to remind me and I really am in Him. I am now in remission. I am a work in progress, not perfected…yet!

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